Thursday, November 2, 2017

Adventist Education Matters

Wholistic education is the difference

“They (students) need the very best of instruction and religious training. They need that virtue that comes from God, added to knowledge, which will qualify them for trying and responsible positions. The intellectual and spiritual growth should be as marked as the development of the physical powers.” Sabbath-School Workers Jan. 1, 1889
Adventist Education was created alongside the medical work to be a preparation for young people to develop skills that would make them an invaluable part of any community.  Through their intelligence, diligence, kindness and skillful service graduates from our schools would become beacons of blessing no matter where they found themselves.  Their abilities would be hallmarks of excellence and would naturally lead them to positions of leadership and respect in their communities.

TeachSDA is continuing to advocate that administrators, teachers and students keep this goal in mind.  Our academic goals are not secondary to a solid relationship with Jesus.  They are an integral part of the holistic ideal of Adventist Education as missionary training.  We believe that every individual is a missionary called to minister in any area God places them in.  Through studies like Value Genesis it is clear that our religious emphasis has positive results, students who attend our schools are more likely to be active members for the rest of their lives.  Through our research in the academic programs of Adventist Education it is also clear that the longer students attend our schools the better they perform.  Often with standardized tests, SAT and ACT scores far above their counter parts in both parochial and public schools.

This issue will cover several topics that every excellent educator should be considering!

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