Sunday, April 3, 2016

What I Learned @teachSDA 4-3-16

Time Away

Many of you have not heard about my Dad being admitted to the hospital about two month ago; he's is still in the hospital.  Dad went in for a planned procedure and during the surgery his platelets began to drop. He has a rare cancer that causes his white blood cells to attack his platelets.  We've fought this disease for 20 years now, before the surgery Dad had his longest period of remission.  We had hoped it was beaten.  We were wrong...

Dad is stable but had complications with the surgery to remove part of his bowel which led to an abdominal infection in the hospital.  The doctors are addressing the infection but they can't repair the issue completely until his platelets return to normal and he's begun the cancer protocol that usually works.  The challenge this time is he can only be fed nutrition through IV's so he's much weaker than he normally would be during the protocol.

All of this along with the new demands of my job have meant that my time has been very short.  This has led to gaps in our chats and the newsletter, my prayer is that all of this will soon be behind us.

Your prayers are appreciated! 

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