Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day


You teach me to be strong.
To pick a song and sing along.
Teaching me to take a stand 
And always lending a hand.

You teach me to treat others with respect
And never to expect.
Protection is first on your mind.
Always appearing so refined.

You gave me life.
Always making a sacrifice.
To thank you is an understatement
There will never be a replacement.

There were years of strife.
But thats a part of life.
Maturing is apart of growing.
And my growing is flowing.

You say denying leads to lying 
And lying leads to crying.
A mothers love will never die
Its like a bird that soars high.

My mother you are first,
Totally and completely immersed.
My teacher you are from beginning to end,
But most importantly you are my friend.


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