Monday, March 16, 2015

Slow chat with us this week!

Step By Step, the Journey Towards Freedom From Grade Levels

Sanborn High School in New Hampshire was a mediocre school with mediocre test scores. When the state passed a policy mandating that schools develop a competency-based system — advancing students based on mastery of specific skills and concepts instead of time spent in each grade — school leaders seized on the model as a way to turn the entire school around from the bottom up.

Join us this week on twitter #teachSDA to slow chat about grade levels.  All of use probably went to a school with grades and were trained in college with the expectation we would be teaching at specific grade levels.  But if you've been in a class room for a a few hours you know that your students aren't all operating at the same "grade level" so is it time to consider another way of doing things?

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