Monday, November 4, 2013

What I Learned @ teachSDA This Weekend

This weeks newsletter is out early because I just couldn't wait to share some of this stuff with you!  Don't forget our twitter chat is tonight at 9pm #teachSDA.  We will be talking about why you can't risk being bored or boring in your classrooms!

Required reading for tonight :)

The following comment was shared on #teachSDA:
'Average teachers love what they teach; our very best teachers love who they teach.' via @Jeff_Zoul

Now on to lots of great articles and links:
1. A Poem for Teachers- one teachers inspiring spoken word poem about why he teaches.  This is why I had to send this out today!

2. 'Nature Is a Powerful Teacher': The Educational Value of Going Outside-I think the title sums it up!  We've known this from the very beginning, it's time to evangelize!  Between this idea and proper early childhood teaching we are on the 'cutting edge' of teaching again.  Let's not sacrifice what we KNOW works!

3. The Mind of a Middle Schooler: How Brains Learn
Why teachers need to brush up on their knowledge of brains in order to reach that all-too-allusive 'tween noggin.

4. Imagery: A Key to Understanding Math
How can teachers help students find the beauty in math? There may be roadblocks already set up in math education — students’ disposition toward math anxiety, and pressure to cover material quickly. Or maybe it has something to do with the curse of knowledge — the gap between what experts know and non-experts don’t.

5. Just Ask: Harnessing the Power of Student Curiosity
When was the last time you asked your students what they wanted to learn? Take a minute and think about that. In the go-go world of Common Core, Smarter Balance and other assessments, when do we focus on what kids wantto learn?

6. Why We Want Kids to Have Smartphones

7. Breakthrough Leadership in The Digital Age
We're bombarded these days with enthusiastic accounts of "digital learning." The stuff is cool, but the excitement is a little disconcerting given that educational technology always seems be ripe with promise, yet has rarely delivered.

8. 4 Caution Lights For School Leaders
Do you often feel driven to work harder and harder to reach your goals? Here are some caution-lights I try to keep in mind on my journey:

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