Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I Learned @ teachSDA This Weekend

The picture I used for today should feel familiar, we've all been there at some point.  Some of you might feel like you live in that moment depicted every moment of your life.  Your not alone!  Teaching is more than just a job, it's a passion and a ministry.  Last night we spent some time discussing  how to juggle our personal and professional life so that we can continue to practice our passion without burning out.

Here's a list of articles that caught my eye this past week:

1. Teach Kids To Be Their Own Internet Filters
Students live in an information-saturated world. Rather than shielding them from the digital world, many agree the most effective way to keep them safe and using the internet responsibly as a learning tool is to teach them how to be their own filters.

2. 3 Quick Tips For Building Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship is one of the hot educational buzz terms this year. But what is Digital Citizenship really? In short, it covers topics such as how to conduct yourself online civilly, refrain from inappropriate behavior (like cyberbullying), engage in meaningful discourse, and build a positive digital footprint for yourself and your institution. Just like we teach students how to behave in the schoolyard, we must do the same in cyberspace.

3. Finding the Beauty in Math
Math has a bad rap, writes math professor Manil Suri in a recent New York Times op-ed, and would be better geared to students as a playful and stimulating subject of ideas.

4. What ‘Connected Education’ Looks Like: 28 Examples From Teachers All Over
Last year, for the inaugural C.E.M., we invited anyone who had ever blogged for The Learning Network to answer two simple questions about their“personal learning network,” and 35 people took us up on the offer.

5. Technology is Helping Students to Adopt Their Own Learning Style
Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge. Learning style is an individual’s natural pattern of acquiring something that is new and knowledegable. Different people have different learning styles. Some learn by reading, some by hearing, some by writing while many others do so by watching.

6. Leading Innovative Change Series – Learning First, Technology Second
I wanted to try my hand at writing a series of blog posts on “Leading Innovative Change”. As I am looking at writing a book on the same topic, I thought I would put some ideas out there and hopefully learn from others on these topics. I also want to give these ideas away for free. These posts are for anyone in education, but are mostly focused on school administrators. In all of these, the idea that administrators openly model their learning will only accelerate a culture of innovation and risk taking.

7. How Twitter Tore Down My District's Walls
District hierarchy gets flattened when educators venture outside the walls of their district

8. Guide to Using Twitter in Your Teaching Practice
Are you interested in using Twitter or other social media as a teaching tool? Our culture has transformed significantly where online distribution of ideas has become commonplace. Our students’ needs have shifted and the require digital citizenship skills.

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