Monday, October 28, 2013

It’s Time to Grasp the Nettle

The idiom “grasping the nettle” refers to how to avoid the toxic irritation from the Urtica Dioica or ‘stinging nettle’.  If you grasp the nettle firmly you are less likely to be stung.  The common meaning of the phrase is to tackle a difficult problem in spit of the temporary discomfort.  

For many teachers technology is a nettle problem, because it is initially unfamiliar we are hesitant to engage it.  We know what we are doing works and changing it means investing our valuable time. To put it bluntly we are not ‘digital natives’, but the fact is we are in a digital age.  Our students and children are the first generations of ‘digital natives’ and if we want to remain relevant and shepherd our young people we must learn the customs and language of our new landscape.  There are advantages to being part of a digital community the most readily apparent one, the wealth of knowledge and experience that is easily accessed.

Tonight we are celebrating Connected Educator’s Month ( and discussing how we can better connect with fellow educators through social media.

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