Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I Learned @ teachSDA This Weekend

What I Learned From #teachSDA This Weekend:

Another thought provoking topic this past Monday: “Should I Stop assigning homework?”  The topic was based on an article written The Atlantic see the first link.

1. Should I Stop Assigning Homework?
Like it or not we all should look at why we do or don't give homework.

2. 4 Ways to Improve Your Twesume
Among all the newest social media job seeking fads, the Twesume might just be the easiest to quickly implement.

3. 6 Ways To Use Google Hangouts In The Classroom
Google's suite of technology products has far-reaching followings in the social and business sector, but did you know nearly all of their products are easily integrated into the classroom?

4. Confidence, not peer pressure, is key to success at school, say researchers
Study finds competition in the classroom can affect results of lower-ranking pupils negatively.

5. 8 Apps That Let You Visit Museums Without Leaving Your Home

6. This is What Happens When You Teach High School Students to Code
Why we need to change what and how we teach in computer class! After talking with a former student who is now in Academy and hearing him lament what he isn't learning in computer class I believe this is needed.

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