Monday, August 22, 2016

Adventist Learning Community Announces a New Course: Copyright for Teachers and Pastors!

A course on copyright for teachers and pastors.  Sounds boring, right? Copyright law is extremely relevant to what you do every day. In the modern era of readily-available digital and online content, it has never been more important to understand copyright.  

As leaders, we must recognize the importance of fair use as well as the need to protect the rights of content creators. And, despite what you may have been told, acknowledging the source of the material is no substitute for getting the creator’s permission to use it. This course will provide easy-to-follow information and real-word examples to help you use text, image, music and video materials with confidence, knowing you are well within the limits of the law.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Necessary Change is Always Hard

...but it's worth it.

We've sat in our Adventist schools and worried about the changing commitment to Adventist Education.  We've studied  and surveyed the problem, still little has changed.  Our attention has been so focused on our "crisis" that we've been blinded to the larger problem of the education system.  Real education isn't happening as it should across North America.  Our higher test scores and higher graduation rates have hidden the problem in our own system, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Could our internal crisis be part of the larger problem in modern education?  Meaningful education requires deep understanding from the student; a willingness to explore and inquire about the world around them.  It requires a teacher willing to relinquish part of their control.  Information is no longer the currency of teachers and systems.  Too many students leave the education system with little wonder left and no comprehension of their place in the context of the world.

It's past time to face the truth, our system has been living on the glory of it's past.  Slowly surviving on the fumes of a revolution in education started with it's inception.  We've kept pieces of what made it great, but let go of the core belief that student's learn best not from tests and textbooks but from exploration and inquiry.  Our system didn't begin valuing the acquisition of knowledge.  Instead we placed ultimate value on the ability to use knowledge in the world around us.  We believed in action over theory.

We can find examples of great education still occurring throughout our system, but those are examples of great teachers acting despite the morass of the system as a whole.  The systems issues can not be laid at any one persons feet.  Systems over time always must fight and recreate themselves.

"When (the church) failed to continue the constructive work, which is centered largely in the education of the youth...internal dissension arose.  Their time was spent very largely in criticizing the views of their co-laborers who differed with them on some unimportant points of theology.  They paid much attention to doctrines, and spent the most of their energy in preserving orthodoxy.  They crystallized their doctrines into creeds; they ceased to develop, and lost the spirit of Christian Education, which was the oil for the their lamps...degenerating into dead orthodoxy, and opposing factions.” E.A. Sutherland 

This is not an "us vs. them" proposition, anyone can join! Good education is it's own best advertisement.  System wide change is too much and often looses any momentum because the energy needed to move the whole is too hard.  So real change, true revolution, must start with individuals.  Let's discuss what we can do to create change and save the system, one student, one classroom, one school at a time.

Join us this week to chat about what you are doing, what you want to do and how great educating students is!  You can share on Twitter (#teachSDA) or at teachSDA on Facebook.  We've got several articles to help provoke discussion and thoughts in this weeks Newsletter.

The revolution starts now, tag you're it!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Adventist Learning Community invites you to re-explore the SDA Philosophy of Education!

In today’s world, there are varying views and philosophies on where we came from, why we exist, and what the purpose of education truly is.  This course discusses the philosophical foundations of education from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective, and will help you define your own world view from a biblical foundation and develop your personal philosophy of Christian education.  

For more information, and to enroll, click here:

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Check out our New Origins Curriculum Resources for Teachers!

Origins Curriculum Resources (OCR) are ready-to-use educational materials
about creation and evolution that are both scientifically accurate and biblically sound.  Created by the Origins Institute at Southern Adventist University, these short videos and narrated PowerPoints:
  • Explore the relationship between science and Scripture
  • Present scientific data from biology, geology, and paleontology
  • Explain how this data can be interpreted in ways that are consistent with the biblical stories of creation and the flood
  • Explore the role of faith in dealing with unanswered questions

These presentations were created with multiple groups in mind, including but not limited to: elementary and middle school teachers and students, homeschooling families, families whose children are exposed to evolutionary ideas in public school, and lay people of all ages.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Teaching Materials Available!

The Adventists is an award-winning film for PBS stations that highlights how Seventh-day Adventists are among the healthiest and longest living people based on their unique ministry of health and healing. This education companion guide contains cross-curricular secondary and postsecondary learning materials and devotionals.

Seventh-day Adventists have long been recognized as leaders in health and healing through both preventative and prescriptive practices. The film The Adventists focuses on the rich history and significant contributions Seventh-day Adventists have made to health and wellness. Adventists recognize the interconnectedness of the spiritual, mental, social and physical aspects of health. To support the use of The Adventists as an educational tool, Southern Adventist University presents research-based cross-curricular instructional materials to accompany the film for use in secondary and post-secondary classrooms. The primary goal of the materials is to encourage learners on their journey toward creating wholeness through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. To that end, the following objectives are identified and utilized.
Learners will:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of health principles.
  • Develop an appreciation for the benefits of practicing holistic and natural health.
  • Establish a personal commitment to follow SDA health principles.
  • Describe the history of SDA health care.
  • Recognize the unique and groundbreaking contributions SDAs have made to health and wellness.
  • Recognize the cutting edge technology of SDA hospitals.
  • Advocate for proactive and preventative health by sharing SDA health principles with others.
The learning materials and devotionals are designed to engage learners in examining the global ideas presented in the film, while providing meaningful experiences that encourage them to be introspective, reflective, committed and proactive. Instructors are encouraged to use these materials as a jumping off point. The learning activities can be used entirely in sequence or selected activities can be pulled for use in any order. Modification for curricular needs is encouraged.
Through the experiences generated by these materials, it is our hope that learners will seek knowledge of health principles, will incorporate holistic and natural practices in their personal lives, will foster these best practices in the lives of others and will commit to service in their local communities as informed facilitators of the ministry of health and healing.